Garmin GPS Chartplotters

by Sean McPhearson

Garmin is a top ranking manufacture of GPS systems. Their products are made to endure and are some of the best quality systems that are available. They have several different charplotters to choose from. All of which are made to meet standards that are above most other systems.

Garmin offers several different models so there is one to fit just about any possible need. Garmin chartplotters are moderately priced and will fit just about any price range.

One such Garmin chartplotter unit is the 192. This unit has a great screen that provides you with the information you need from the maps. Speaking of maps it’s nice to be able to have up-to-date maps and there are several ways to keep your unit up to date.

The Garmin 192 has highly detailed blue charts of the United States coastal waters including Alaska and Hawaii. These charts make it safer to navigate with the up-to-date current charts. These charts also provide up-to-date information on port plans submerged wreckage restricted areas and other hazardous areas for boats.

If you need additional data and the pre-programmed information is not enough for you, you can purchase pre-programed data cards that provide you with the maps that you need. The most popular charts are those for the Bahamas, Canada and charts of the United States inland lakes.

Another great Garmin unit, the 378, is one of those units you can just use straight out of the box. The Garmin 378 comes preloaded with both U.S. lake and street level mapping detail. That means you can use the unit both in your car as well as in your boat. The 378 also has the capabilities to connect optional weather and sonar data that can be displayed on your screen. L in a ike the Garmin 192 the 378 uses data cards so you don’t have to log into a computer that can put the maps that you need onto the system.

Garmin offers great affordable chartplotters with a wide range of uses. Their charplotters have received some of the highest marked reviews by users that claim that they are the best available for moderately priced products.

You will find that the Garmin chartplotters come with the alot of options including the built-in maps that will help you get going on land or water. The information provided on the Garman units is detailed and accurate and ready to help you get there no matter which model you choose.

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