New York week

When visiting new places, time is the enemy but if you plan to have a seven day stay in New York then you should have ample time in this busy city to explore and see all the ‘must do places’. One of the busiest visitor locations in the city is the Empire State Building and even if you don’t get to the top there is still a great deal to see. Superior views are available from another famous landmark, the Rockefeller Centre when the weather is good. Possibly equal to The State Building is The Statue of Liberty but owing to delays with the ferry trips it might be worth viewing this ‘beautiful lady’ (and an inspiration to many) from Ellis Island.

Thankfully, the Staten Island ferry is free and provides some great views of the Lower Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty; there are always a good number of professional standard street performers to watch. However, no seven day trip to New York would be complete now without a visit to where the World Trade Center Towers once stood not that long ago. Despite the moving nature of this place where over 3,000 people lost their lives, most people do not wish to take a picture of it. The reason many people travel all the way to New York, even for a weekend, is for the stores and you can pop along to Tiffany’s or look for bargains around Broadway and Lower East Side.

If you’re up for more discount shopping then you need to get to Maceys and have your tourist discount card handy as it can save you eleven percent after which a trip to Bloomingdales would be in order. At the time of writing the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum was closed for refurbishment but should be open by the fall of 2008; well worth looking in if your around at that time of the grand re-opening. Many special (and large) craft are located here including a number from World War II, namely the aircraft carrier the USS Intrepid. The real New York City Police Museum is open for visitors and whilst admission is free; donations are expected of around five dollars to help with running it; it contains a great deal of information about the World famous Police Department and you can buy souvenirs too.

Another museum is the Lower East Side Tenement Museum which focuses on the appalling conditions experienced by the immigrants back in 1864. There is more history in the City of New York Museum on Central Park which holds exhibitions of the past, present and future. It is all housed in a beautiful building and entrance is free but a nine dollar donation is recommended. Most visitors seem to be on a flying visit so end up missing some of the most beautiful areas and that’s why seven days in New York should really be the minimum stay.

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